How to safely introduce technology to young children

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  • 12 Sep, 2023
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How to safely introduce technology to young children

The foundational principle in safely introducing technology to children is to maintain a balance between tech-use and other activities, fostering a well-rounded development. It is always better to gradually introduce them to technology, keeping an eye on their usage patterns and encouraging a healthy discussion about their experiences online.

1. Set Clear Boundaries

  • Time Limits: Establish fixed screen times to prevent excessive use.
  • Usage Zones: Designate specific areas in the house where kids can use tech devices, avoiding places like the dining table and bedrooms to encourage healthy habits.

2. Curate Content

  • Quality over Quantity: Choose high-quality, educational apps and websites over those offering mere entertainment.
  • Ad-Free Options: Opt for platforms or apps that offer ad-free experiences to protect young minds from unsolicited content.

3. Active Engagement

  • Co-viewing: Spend time viewing or engaging with the content together with the child, making it a collaborative activity.
  • Discussion: Encourage a dialogue about what they are viewing or doing, promoting critical thinking and understanding.

4. Tech-Free Times

  • Unplugged Activities: Encourage activities that do not involve technology, such as playing outdoors, reading books, or engaging in arts and crafts.
  • No Tech Before Bed: Discourage screen use at least an hour before bed to promote better sleep.

5. Educate on Online Safety

  • Personal Information: Teach them the importance of not sharing personal information online.
  • Safe Browsing: Instruct them on the basics of safe browsing, including the types of websites and content to avoid.


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