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Welcome to Happy Ladybird’s array of exceptional services that are meticulously designed to nurture young minds, ignite curiosity, and foster holistic growth. Our commitment to play-based learning and personalized education is the cornerstone of every offering.

Online Self-Guided Courses for Parents and Children

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Bespoke and Personalized Learning Experiences

Every child is unique, and our approach reflects this. Our team of experienced professionals creates tailored teaching methods that cater to each child's distinct learning style and needs.

Experienced Professionals and Tutors

We believe that each child is exceptional, and their learning experiences should reflect that. Our bespoke learning methods adapt to individual learning styles, ensuring effective understanding and engagement.

Full-time Home Schooling

Experience a comprehensive curriculum right from home, providing a seamless blend of education and play.

After-School Support

Enhance your child's learning journey with extra help, exploration of passions, and enrichment activities.

Travel Tutors

Keep learning consistent even while on the move, with tutors adapting lessons to various environments.

Online Tuition

Leverage technology to provide quality education from anywhere in the world, ensuring interactive and engaging sessions.

Arts and Crafts

Ignite creativity and imagination while refining motor skills through hands-on artistic exploration.

Sciences & Maths

Exploration-driven subjects that spark curiosity and lay the foundation for critical thinking and problem-solving.


Cultivate strong communication skills through engaging stories, discussions, and writing exercises.

Emerging Technologies

Teaching students about the latest advancements prepares them for the future.

Play-Based and Creative-Based Learning

Recognizing the importance of learning through play and creativity, we integrate these aspects into every offering to foster cognitive, socio-emotional, and physical development.

Mission-driven Guidance

We actively guide parents to find the best educational fit for their child, understanding and addressing varying aspirations and concerns.

Online Self-Guided Courses for Parents and Children

Our courses embody a collaborative learning approach, empowering both parents and children through meticulously crafted courses that provide insights, techniques, and tools for parents while offering engaging and age-appropriate interactive content for children, fostering independence, curiosity, and a self-driven passion for learning.

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