How To Set Your Child Up For Success

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  • 04 May, 2023
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How To Set Your Child Up For Success

When it comes to parenting, different parents have different styles. But we can all agree that the goal is simple, “raising a successful child”. 

Every parent wants their child to be responsible and impactful citizens of any society they find themselves in. While success means different things to different persons, not many people achieve the goals they set out for themselves. And we aren’t just talking about a college or post-grad degree. We are talking about everything in between. 

When you look at the lives of the most successful and impactful people in history, you find that their upbringing was intentional. As children, they were encouraged to be confident and strive for success.

Now, to answer one of the questions burning in the minds of many parents. What gives children an edge over their peers, despite getting similar education and social interactions

Well, we have the answer(s) for you. Here are ten ways to set your child up for success. 

  • Provide a positive environment: Providing a positive environment for your child means becoming a warm, responsive, and attentive parent. You should also have a healthy family dynamic and relationship with your partner/spouse. Children whose parents have marital conflicts are more likely to become addicts or have emotional problems. Such a toxic environment impacts children by making them less motivated and responsible. A loving and nurturing environment sets a good tone for future mental health.  
  • Raise your child in the best neighbourhood you can afford: Researchers found that the environment children reside in has a significant effect on life outcomes, future income, and chances of future success. Consider moving to neighbourhoods with good schools,  excellent infrastructure, and amenities. 
  • Go on adventures: Adventures do not have to be adrenaline-packed. A visit to the aquarium, a road trip, and baking are good adventures for your child. If these activities challenge your child and push boundaries, keep at them. Research suggests that adventurous play helps children improve their self-confidence and motivates them to try new things. Adventures give children the opportunity to develop mentally and make discoveries about themselves. These are all recipes for future success. 
  • Help your child understand their emotions: Helping a child understand and manage emotions is necessary for future success. Among other ways, your child will learn to self-regulate their emotion primarily from watching you. If you yell a lot or curl up when things don’t go your way, it is time to ​take control of your emotions so that you can be a good role model to your child. Help your children better manage emotions by showing empathy and explaining that there are more effective ways to express their feelings. 
  • Praise them correctly: Children Interpret “praise” as a reward. “Praise” is a way to help children learn which kinds of behaviours are acceptable and which aren’t. When it comes to praising kids, it’s necessary to use language that is age appropriate. Whenever you compliment your child, be specific. Instead of saying “good job”, say “beautiful colour combination.” A well-detailed compliment tells your child you are attentive to his progress and gives an idea of why he earned your approval.
  • Encourage decision-making: A person needs to be motivated to achieve success. If children are not allowed to make decisions, they may never gain self-confidence, independence, and motivation. At first, it would be challenging to trust your child to make the right decisions. But that’s because they haven’t mastered the act of decision-making. The most efficient way to learn to make good decisions is with practice. So instead of forcing them to follow your advice, guide them. Let your child practice decision-making with non-safety and health-related things. For example, let them choose which toys to play with or what outfits to wear. 
  • Help them develop social skills: Developing relationships is vital for a child’s growth and psychological well-being. Children who do not form bonds are most likely to do worse in school or develop psychological issues. Parents can help their children create relationships by encouraging play dates and boot camps. 
  • Encourage them to read: Thomas Curley reportedly studied the behaviours and habits of self-made millionaires. According to his research, 63% of self-made millionaires were encouraged by their parents to read at least two books each month. Also, encourage your child to develop math skills. Greg Duncan said, “Mastery of early math skills predicts not only future math achievement but also future reading achievement.”
  • Be attentive and Communicate: Words can change a child’s brain. Communicating the right way with your child ensures future happiness and success. The best way to communicate with your child is to be soft, kind, fair, and respectful. When your child talks to you, give them your undivided attention. Put down your phone or turn off the television to listen to what they have to say. Also, don’t just sit and listen only. Engage and respond thoughtfully. 
  • Enforce reasonable boundaries: Parents who set rules raise confident, successful children. As a parent, you shouldn’t be too controlling or strict with your children—it’s unhealthy. But, you shouldn’t leave them to their devices either—Kids Interpret the lack of rules as “my parents don’t care”. Children need guidance to help them grow and reach their full potential

No matter your educational background, or financial or social status, you can raise an exceptional child. Parents are also encouraged to equip themselves to raise successful children by investing in good parenting courses and books. Also, do not undermine the power of being exemplary role models to their children. 


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